Eating right is an important subject for all of us. After all, a healthy body is essential for a happy and productive life. 
Eating Wisely and Well simplifies the art of eating for optimal health. This book is a unique blend of knowledge from the East and the West. It addresses common questions such as which oils to use, demolishes myths such as the glorification of proteins, and provides authentic information about nutrients such as antioxidants and phytochemicals. Moreover, it has been written by an expert on nutrition who understands the modern science of nutrition inside out, and at the same time knows where and how to supplement it with ancient wisdom.

So, if you want answers to questions such as how much water should you ideally drink, which is the best cooking oil, whether genetically-modified food is safe, how to eat right according to your predominant dosha, as well as tips on losing weight, this is the book for you. 

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This new edition of an established textbook for medical students has been thoroughly updated and redesigned to include high yield learning tools and aids. The new edition also includes extensively revised coverage of developmental aspects and physiological variations due to age and gender. In addition, some important topics which usually receive scant attention in textbooks of physiology, such as ergonomics, the pineal gland and space physiology, have been given comprehensive treatment in new chapters. Most topics include self assessment material.

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